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03 May 2016

Inspire Series Model 343

Rodgers 3-Manual, 4-Division, 43-Stop All-Digital Organ


  • 43 Independent Speaking Stops                                                   (NO Borrowing of stops from the Swell to the Great)
  • 215 Additional Voice Palette Stops
  • 18 Orchestral Voices
  • Total of 233 VOICES
  • AGO Pedalboard
  • Now with 50 Memory Levels (built-in)
  • Great / Pedal Enclosed
  • Includes Rodgers Variant Library
  • Record & Playback (with a USB Port)
  • Built-in Hymn Player (350 Hymns On-board)
  • 1/4″ Audio Input & Output Jacks
  • Midi In & Out Connections
  • Ten Felted Toe Studs (four optional toe studs can be assigned to a Piston Sequencer, etc.)
  • Organ Type Piston (American Classic, English Cathedral, French Romantic, German Baroque)
  • NEW Convolution Reverb featuring 12 Real Reverb  Environments                                                                                        (featuring some actual Chicago, Wheaton, Evanston, and Grand Rapids Church acoustics)
  • Handsome new console / cabinet design
  • 2.1 Channel Internal Speaker System with the option for 10 or more discrete External Audio Channels
  • The optional ANTIPHONAL makes use of Rodgers EXCLUSIVE Digital Audio Mapping™ Technology
  • Choir SOLO REEDS can be programmed to play from the REAR ANTIPHONAL audio system
  • Note-by-Note Voicing Software & EQ built in  (Rodgers no longer depends on Microsoft compatibility decades into the future)

Rodgers INSPIRE 343 Specification