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04 September 2016

Rodgers Infinity Series Model 489

Rodgers 4-Manual, 5-Division,  92-Stop,  All-Digital Organ

  • Includes Swell & Choir 16′ & 4′ Couplers (Exclusive)
  • Total of 532 TOTAL Voices (including 61 sampled Orchestral Voices)
  • over 100 user-adjustable Organ Library Stops
  • 100 built-in memory levels, USB storage for unlimited pistons settings, windblown pipe compatible, record & playback, hymn player, Organ Type piston, Zimbelstern, Chimes, Headphone Jack, 8 to 44 audio channels, Digital Audio Mapping Technology, Divided Expression & Crescendo, Adjustable Bench, 4-Way Adjustable Music Desk, Lighted or Mechanical Drawknobs, Various Keyboard Choices, and much more