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15 June 2019

Two Rodgers Owners Speak Out

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We recently received emails from two of our Rodgers Owners (one of these installations is 23 years old now).  Both of these individuals are AGO members, one is a former AGO Dean.  Mr. Orf worked as a pipe voicer for one of the country’s largest pipe organ builders for many years.  Here is what they had to say:


“It occurred to me… that we owe you and your fine company a huge debt of gratitude. We have enjoyed our Rodgers Organ at Christ Lutheran Church (in Palatine, IL) for over 20 years and it is in excellent shape….  The instrument still does the job we hoped it would.     Our organ committee explored several alternatives, both pipe and electronic.  I was a member of the committee, but I withheld my opinion until after the unanimous vote for Rodgers. As I recall the cost was (around) $60,000.  That amount, pro-rated over 20 years, was a bargain.  Had we opted for a pipe organ at that price, it would have been severely limited.  The Rodgers 950 continues to be a pleasure to play … it can handle repertoire ranging from baroque to gospel.”                                               Note: the Rodgers 950 was installed at Christ Lutheran Church, Palatine in 1996 (23 years ago).  It replaced a 27 year-old custom, Allen Organ that had been failing for many years.                              Ken Spengler, Organist  

On Friday morning, May 11 we received an emergency call from St. Michael Catholic Church in Wheaton (which houses one of our 4-manual hybrid organs).  Evidently there was a massive cipher in which nearly all the pipes on the high-pressure Tuba chest were playing at once (likely the result of a massive overnight storm).  To make matters worse, there was an AGO exam scheduled to take place there that afternoon.  The organ was repaired within two hours of the call, and in time for the AGO exam. The following week we received this note from the Music Director:  “Thanks to you and Mark for your swift service last Friday to fix the cipher of all ciphers!  I am impressed by your quick evaluation and analysis and the ability to fix it immediately.”       (note: the organ was working by 11 AM)         Christopher Orf, Music Director