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06 January 2016

Making of a Masterpiece 1 – Menomonee Falls, WI

  • Conceptual Drawing for the project
  • View of the Completed Organ. Continue to look at pictures taken during the installation of this Masterpiece
  • BEFORE view of the balcony. Old organ is located in north south chambers
  • Installing the custom woodwork. Getting high on the project
  • Installing the Great casework. Doing this on 100+ year old walls is not a simple task as nothing is plumb level.
  • Securing the windline connections
  • Scott prepares the reservoir for its windline
  • Unpacking the pipe crates. What a mess!
  • Drilling toe boards on site
  • Racking the Pedal Choralbass
  • Last Choralbass pipe is racked. Facade woodwork now awaits paint gold-leaf.
  • Scott celebrates the installation of the tallest facade pipes in the organ.
  • Racking the Great Gemshorn
  • Wiring the Great Pipe Drivers. Rodgers pipe drivers are fused and meet UL standards.
  • Painting the Positiv Facade
  • Painting the Great Case. Conrad Schmidt artist painting gold-leafing the casework
  • Painters & Construction Continue. Construction continues with ladders in place at the end of Lent
  • Choralbass Facade Completed. Finished facade with 23K Gold Leaf
  • Dean Christian begins the voicing process. Dean has voiced many pipe organs for Rodgers around the world.
  • View of the finished Organ.Great Division is in the Cen33ter -- Positiv to the Right -- Swell Pedal to the left