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06 January 2016

Making of a Masterpiece 2 – Wheaton, IL

  • The design for the Positiv Division -- Rodgers was the ONLY company in the running that insisted on having additional pipes by the choir Cantor
  • Matching oak casework for the Positiv Division is installed adjacent to and above the choir loft
  • Mark ensures a perfect fit
  • Following dedication, the swell division chests and expression shades are installed
  • Crates of pipes are delivered and stored in a room set aside for our use.
  • The large 16' pipes are carried into the church for installation in the facade
  • Low C of the 16' Prestant is set upright before being lifted into the facade
  • Swell division pipes are installed in the west chamber.
  • Great Division pipes are specially built to our specs with 75% tin for a clean and bright sound.
  • View of the finished organ case