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06 January 2016

Making of a Masterpiece 3 – Chicago, IL

  • Exterior photo of the church building,just down the street from Wrigley Field
  • Initial CAD drawing from Fratelli Ruffatti for the design of the Ruck Positiv division
  • Positiv Division casework at the Ruffatti factory in Padua, Italy
  • The Rodgers console in test at the Rodgers Instruments factory.
  • The Positiv Division was first shown at the AGO Convention in Chicago in June of 2006
  • The pipes and new chests arrive at the church
  • Pipes and chests are staged in the upstairs hall of the church
  • Great chests are installed in the northeast chamber.
  • Photo of the solid-state pipe interface
  • Swell chests are placed into the northwest chamber
  • The console is raised to the balcony level
  • The console is moved to the balcony floor before the Ruck-Positiv is installed
  • Positive casework begins to be installed on the steel supports
  • 1235893215_13 chest in place.jpg
  • Positiv casework is installed -- note the Moller Choir Division in the background which came from American Conservatory, Chicago.
  • Positiv pipes are put in place under supervision of the Church Administrator
  • Faceted facade pipes (built by Ruffatti) are put in place there are a total of three such pipes signifying (the) Holy Trinity (Church)
  • Photo of the drop-down panels, designed and installed to service the Positiv pipe chests and pipe drivers.
  • Dramatic photo of the finished ruck-positiv case
  • Photo of Easter Vigil at Holy Trinity Church