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06 January 2016

Making of a Masterpiece 4 – Naperville, IL

  • A photo of the original Berghaus Organ installed in1999 A.D.
  • The original 2-manual organ was not large enough for the new worship space at 3 times the volume of the old worship space
  • Our firm dismantles the old organ and prepares it for storage off site
  • Initial design concept for the new facade
  • The sixth, and final design for the facade
  • Jaeger-Nicola Architect, Doug Lasch, takes the design and places it into a 3-dimensional CAD program
  • The new positiv division chest is the first thing installed in the new building
  • Positiv facade pipes are set in place for the dedication service for the new building
  • The positiv facade is complete this new division was essential for choir support and for the musical success of the project
  • The original swell box is set into place on the new organ loft
  • Original Great slider chest is put into place
  • Additional new chests are also installed
  • The new Rodgers 3-manual, 5-Division Console arrives -- the console is crafted from quarter-sawn oak
  • The new 16' Principal is being lifted into position the original organ had ONE 16 flue rank -- our design incorporates THREE such stops
  • Next, the original 8' Pedal Principal is installed in a new order
  • Swell expression shades are re-installed
  • Great pipework is re-installed
  • New pipes of the Positiv division are put in place
  • Our design also incorporates quality used pipework (including these brass regal pipes) built by M.P. Moller
  • Behind the video screen we install a good,used wood 16' Violone from a Howell Organ
  • The existing zimbelstern (made with real handbells)from Wisconsin, is re-installed.
  • David Brackley (Triune Music) and Mark Austin (Praestant Assoc) begin the voicing process
  • Mark tunes the new 16' Principal
  • The organ is now complete