Rodgers MX-200 Sound Module


Probably the most highly-sought-after sound module ever made, the Rodgers MX-200.

1,122 total sounds, including 76 Rodgers pipe organ samples!  The MX-200 has many superb orchestral sounds exclusively designed for the MX-200, most of these are Roland’s best samples, carefully selected by professional musicians.
The MX-200 receives commands from a Rodgers organ console with no need to actually touch the unit itself.  Controls are also conveniently provided on the MX-200 module. The MX-200 is the perfect choice as the MIDI module for ANY pipe organ or digital organ implemented with standard MIDI.

Price:  $2,400

Call or write for a list of sounds to be emailed to you.

Rodgers 41-Stop Digital Organ (835)

Beautiful walnut, drawknob console with exquisite side moldings.  The 835 uniquely includes 16′ and 4′ swell couplers, divided expression and a crescendo pedal.

  • 6 standard Audio Channels (expandable to 10+ discrete channels)
  • 41 speaking Stops & 9 Couplers
  • 10 General Pistons / 5 Divisional Pistons / 4 Built-in Memory Levels (plus memory card storage)
  • Rodgers PR300 Midi Sequencer & Sound Module Included
  • Very Good Condition

$15,000    835 Console with six speakers  (Delivery & Installation additional)

Click Here for the 835 Specification



Rodgers 45-Stop, 4-Division Organ  (905B)

905    908 Side

905B  in dark oak finish

66 TOTAL STOPS – 45 speaking stops plus 21 Voice Palette Stops

Includes speakers & amps (8 Channels)

Optional Antiphonal Speaker System

$28,000 with 8 existing speakers (16 year-old console in very good condition)

$39,500 with NEW speakers & amps (10-year audio warranty)

905B Specification

Rodgers 72-Stop, 5-Division Organ (967)


3-Manual, 5-Division Drawknob Console with a floating Solo Division, Wood-Core Keyboards with Rosewood Sharps, illuminated drawknobs.

$35,000 (with 8 channels / 8 speakers)   NEW PRICE

$49,000 (with all NEW Audio Equipment – 10 speakers / 10 channels)

Can be installed with existing or new speakers (20+ Discrete Channels are possible… the 967 can be interfaced to your existing pipe organ or to new windblown pipework).

967 Specification

Rodgers 72-Stop, 5-Division Organ (960D)

$19,950  (Delivery & Installation additional)

Beautiful medium-oak, drawknob console in good condition.  Includes:
  • 24 speakers
  • Roland RSS Reverb system
  • 12 Audio Channels
  • Zimbelstern & PR-300 Sound Module & Sequencer
  • Provisions for Windblown Pipes

Click Here for the 960 Specification


Rodgers W-5000


It’s BOTH !  –  for the church with contemporary & traditional worship

mint condition – all factory modifications completed

  • 2-manuals
  • Drawbars with fast and slow Leslie-type controls
  • Many Roland Orchestral Voices
  • Provisions for MANY audio outputs (even XLR)
  • Headphone Jack
  • Cost:   $8,500  (OBO)

Click here for the W-5000 Information Booklet

16 to 18 Ranks of Moller Pipes

These pipes are from a 1966, 2-manual Moller Organ (including a mitered 16′ Principal).  They were removed and stored prior to the church being demolished. This is a bargain price for 16 ranks of quality pipework — one just needs to order custom chests (to fit your chambers) and a console.  You can even expand the original specification with additional Moller Ranks from our 100 rank inventory of pipes as shown on the spec sheet here.  Asking $22,000   OBO



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