Johannus American Classic Organ SOLD


AGO Console

99 Voices

111 Ranks

MANY Speakers (20+)

Midi Interface & Orchestral Voices

Price:  $7,500 Or Best Offer   (sold as is)

Price does not include delivery or installation

Must be removed by Mid-October 2023

American Classic Stoplist


Rodgers 751 Digital Organ

Beautiful Dark Oak Console in like-new condition (on consignment)

  • Includes Five Speakers (with a dedicated Sub-Woofer
  • 10 General Pistons  / 4 Built-in Memory Levels (plus memory card storage)
  • Divided Expression
  • Automatic Bass & Melody Coupler
  • MIDI
  • Tutti
  • Locking Oak Roll-Top
  • Transposer
  • Preparation for Windblown Pipes

$16,000      (Delivery & Installation additional)

Click Here for the 751 Specification



RODGERS 605-I Home Practice Organ

2-manual AGO Console  (medium oak finish)

30 Speaking Stops

Internal Speakers


Headphone Jack

Melody & Bass Couplers


Five General Pistons

Consignment Price $3,500 OBO

605 Specification


Rodgers Masterpiece 788 (Self-Contained Speakers)

2-Manual, Practice / Chapel Organ with AGO Pedalboard

(rare) Self-Contained Speaker System

33 Speaking Stops & 22 Additional Voice Palette Stops

Advanced MIDI system (audio in & out jacks) (offers 6 “live” midi channels)

Stereo Headphone Jack

Dark Oak Console / beautiful Solid-Oak Moldings on the Console & Bench

10 Divisionals and 5 Divisionals

Divided Expression WITH Crescendo Pedal

True Chimes / Can be expanded to 8+ Audio Channels for a large church / Antiphonal Options

$26,500     (Delivery & Installation additional)

788 Specification

Rodgers MX-200 Sound Module

Probably the most highly-sought-after sound module ever made, the Rodgers MX-200.

1,122 total sounds, including 76 Rodgers pipe organ samples!  The MX-200 has many superb orchestral sounds exclusively designed for the MX-200, most of these are Roland’s best samples, carefully selected by professional musicians.
The MX-200 receives commands from a Rodgers organ console with no need to actually touch the unit itself.  Controls are also conveniently provided on the MX-200 module. The MX-200 is the perfect choice as the MIDI module for ANY pipe organ or digital organ implemented with standard MIDI.

Price:  $2,400

Call or write for a list of sounds to be emailed to you.


Many ALLEN Amps and Speakers

Many Allen 1, 2, 3, & 4-Channel Amps  (AM & ADC models)

Four (4) Massive B-40 Sub-Woofers (from a 20 yr old custom organ)

Several HC-15U Speakers



Rodgers W-5000  (ROLAND)

(IS IT a DRAWBAR ORGAN?  a keyboard controller?   a Classic Church organ? ALL the Above?)

One of the most unique organs built through a collaboration between Rodgers Organs and the ROLAND Corporation.

The organ features:  Classic Pipe Organ samples / Convincing Drawbar Organ Samples with Leslie / AND many ROLAND orchestral voices.

The organ also has an amazing array of professional audio outputs and mixing controls to go to your house system (without a mechanical Leslie speaker)

There is a 61-note keyboard, a 73-note keyboard, and 25 pedals (all of which are velocity-sensitive)

There are pistons available to store your own keyboard “mixes”

There is also a built-in sequencer.

$10,000  (delivery additional)