Rodgers 49-Stop, 4-Division 927M


11-year old, Rodgers Pipe-Augmented Organ for sale  (on consignment from a local church).

3-Manual Console with Mechanical Drawknobs and Wood-Core, Velocity-Sensitive Keyboards

Available WITH or WITHOUT the existing 8+ ranks of pipes.  Prepared for 22 pipe ranks.  MX-200 Sound Module also available on this console with over 1,200 additional organ & orchestral sounds.

Can be seen and played in the Elmhurst Showroom.

927 M Specification

Rodgers Trillium Organ (837)

Includes: Cherry Finish Oak Shell with Light Oak Interior / Illuminated Drawknobs / Wood-Core, Velocity-Sensitive keyboards / Matching Bench / 4 memory levels built-in plus SMART MEDIA Memory Storage / 38 Speaking Stops / 32 Additional Voice Palette Stops / 3 Divisions / 16′ & 4′ Couplers.

  • Prepared for Pipe Additions (as a console replacement)
  • 12 audio channels available
  • Very Good Condition (was in a private residence)

$19,000 Console Only (can be used with headphones in a residence)

$26,000 Console with 8 Channels of used Audio Equipment (2 year audio warranty)

$32,000 Console with 8 Channels of NEW AUDIO Equipment (10 year audio warranty)

Click here for the 837 Specification



Rodgers 45-Stop, 4-Division Organ  (905B)

905    908 Side

Twelve year-old, All-Digital Organ

Includes speakers & amps (8 Channels)

Optional Rodgers MX200 ($2,600)

Optional Antiphonal Speakers

$45,000 with 8 existing speakers (2-year audio warranty)

$53,000 with NEW speakers & amps (10-year audio warranty)

905B Specification

Rodgers 72-Stop, 5-Division Organ (967)


3-Manual, 5-Division Drawknob Console with a floating Solo Division

Can be installed with existing or new speakers (20+ Discrete Channels Available)

Can be interfaced to your existing pipe organ or to new windblown pipes

$55,000 (with the existing 14 speakers – 8 channels)

$65,000 (with all NEW Audio Equipment)

967 Specification

Berghaus 2-Manual, Drawknob Console (HAUPTWERK-Ready)

dsc09981   dsc09980
  • Classic Organ Works Control System
  • Multi-Level Combination Action
  • Many Drawknobs + Pistons
  • Pedalboard
  • Casters to move around easily

$6,000 OBO


Rodgers 330 Analog Organ “Free”

A Rodgers 330 (c.1978) analog organ is available from a Chicago, West Suburban Church that has closed. It is offered FREE OF CHARGE, though the buyer will need to have it professionally removed.  Included: 7 speakers & 7 amplifiers w/ optional Deagan Chimes.  Every Stop, Piston, & Key works perfectly — the console is in great condition.  The Organist is a graduate of the Royal School of Church Music. Contact Music for details.

Rodgers 740B Organ

33 Year-old Rodgers 740-B — Great Condition

  • Expression, Crescendo & Tutti
  • 2 Memory Banks – A & B
  • Toe Studs, Oak Roll-Top
  • Transposer
  • Good Specification with 16′ & 4′ Couplers
  • Provisions for 2 to 4 ranks of pipes
  • Three to Five Speakers (including a SUB)